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We provide all services for the recruitment of workers from Bangladesh as required by our overseas clients. we are advertising through leading national Bangla and English newspaper and online news portal.


Our human resource department arrange interview in our own training center premises supervision by a Engineer and faculty of training center.

Preliminary Selection

The pre-selection process involves advertisements in local mass media in order to inform potential applicants about the jobs or contracts at hand in many cases Fine Overseas Ltd. tends to draw on its pre existing pool of applicants and potentials either from returning contracts abroad or those in a waiting list for a new job, plus Fine Overseas Ltd. has an extensive computer data base of all present and probable future applicants who came from all walks of life with different skills and qualities. The whole pre- selection process in reen by own cruiting manager and executions based on following. We always prefer selection of applicant either by oral or practical test to be conducted by the employer or his/ her authorized representative. We arrange his/ her/their accommodation , transport and all other logistic support required for the purpose in case we are entrusted with the selection and testing of worker we normally do it with the help of a them of expert for technical and professional categories under direct supervision of our professional executives in our state of the art trade test center . Testing facilities for complex engineering functions are also available at our training center premises in Dhaka , Dhaka in adherence to the most modern processes and techniques in use at the time.


Fine Overseas Ltd. also assumes the responsibility of accumulating the necessary document of the applicants or candidates. Documents such as passport copy, visa copy , bio-data, photograph health certificate academic qualification certificates employment contract and other necessary document are collected for proper representation the clients each worker is deployed with his/her own personal file which usually has the above documents. Fine Overseas Ltd. also acquires necessary permissions from government agencies and legal institutions. Unlike other recruiting agencies we just don’t merely collect documents and assemble those in workers personal file rather we make every effort to check the authenticity of those documents on our clients behalf for an instance we check the authenticity of educational papers with education boards and verify police records to make worker deployed from our agency has clean records.

Medical Examination

After a candidate has passed the first stage of selection the worker/candidate is sent for
medical checkup in modern and authorized center of the respective employment. These
medical facilities maintain strict adherence to international standards. Fine Overseas Ltd.
looks into the matter strictly that every personnel positioned in the clients corporation and organization is in sound physical and mental state. For kingdom of Saudi Arabia prospective workers are required to undergo medical checkup at GAMCA approved medical centers as required by law.

Our workers usually undergo following check- ups
Routine urine test

Travel Arrangement

The employer may send PTA or remit necessary traveling expenses in favor of Fine Overseas Ltd. to facilitate traveling as scheduled , scheduled we obtain emigration clearance from the concerned government department for the candidates.

In tandem with orientation our own IATA approved travel agency M. A. Khaleque Hajj Kafela directed to reserve seats for the reported workers .employers are required to send the flight confirmation and PTA in favor of us to facilitate the selected workers .

Flight details in an advance at least 24 hrs will be furnished to the (clients) employer in order to enable to arrange necessary pick op for the travelling workers .

Upon deployment we instantly confirm our valuable clients via e-mail /mobile phone sms by sending deployment message so that they may pick up the workers in due time.