Wellcome to Fine Overseas Ltd.

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Founded in 2010, Fine Overseas is one of the oldest and leading private sector enterprise in Bangladesh, engaged in recruiting business areas. It operates Recruiting Agency, Travel Agent, Travel Related News , Hajj agency and Ticketing .

Established in 2015 Fine Overseas Ltd, which is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, provides manpower to clients of FOL. Fine Overseas recognizes the scarcity of skilled workers and the growing demand by employers for Skilled categories. Fine Overseas has designed solutions targeting specific client requirements and is taking pro-active steps to recruiting.

We are based in Bangladesh and have significant international operations. Each of these companies has its own board of directors, to whom it is answerable. Going forward, Fine Overseas is focusing on new technologies and innovations to drive its business in Bangladesh and internationally.

“Empowering Man to Work” 
Fine Overseas Ltd, recognizes the global need for employment. We want to provide our clients with world-class, personalized service and to Bangladeshis the opportunity to work overseas.

We can acquire the tickets here directly from the various airlines affording our clients more favorable rates and booking privileges.

M. A. Khaleque Hajj Kafela is a sister concern of Fine Overseas Ltd. supported the celebration of the 10 Years of Bangladesh…

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